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Your baby may have a blocked tear duct causing watery eyes. This condition is quite common in infants, with one-third of them having the condition.

Where does eye mucus come from?

Blocked tear ducts occur when tears cannot move from the corners of the eyelids into the ducts lining your nose. This causes tears to back up in the eye. The condition resolves itself in 90 percent of infants by their first birthday. Your child may experience an infection related to a blocked tear duct. Symptoms of the infection, called dacryocystitis , include:.

The symptoms associated with a blocked tear duct may rarely actually be symptoms of childhood glaucoma. Your child may develop watery eyes along with other cold symptoms like a stuffed or runny nose and sneezing.

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Conjunctivitis , also known as pink eye, may be causing the watery eyes. This can occur in children at any time. Pink eye occurs when a virus or, less commonly, bacteria get into the eye. Conjunctivitis can also be caused by irritation. Newborns are particularly at risk if they develop pink eye and it goes untreated for too long.

If your newborn shows signs of pink eye, see a doctor immediately. The doctor will look for swelling, redness, and dilated blood vessels.

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Watery, red eyes may be a symptom of allergic conjunctivitis. Irritants like pollen, dust, and smoke can cause an allergic reaction in the eye. Hay fever , known as allergic rhinitis, may also cause watery eyes. Other symptoms for this condition include:.

Toddlers may experience watery eyes for many of the same reasons as infants. An unresolved blocked tear duct from infancy or an infection or allergies may be causing the symptom. Toddlers are also more likely than older children and adults to develop frequent colds, which may cause watery eyes. The treatment for watery eyes in infants and toddlers will vary. In other cases, you may need a prescription to clear up an infection.

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Or your child may need to have surgery to resolve a long-lasting blocked tear duct. Blocked tear ducts can resolve on their own, but your doctor may recommend massaging the tear duct to help it open.


Apply firm pressure during the massage. You may also find that gently pressing a warm cloth to the eye also helps clean the eye and provides comfort to your child. For older children, watery eyes caused by colds or hay fever may be minimized with over-the-counter cold and allergy medications recommended by a doctor. Blocked tear ducts can get infected at times and may require an antibiotic to treat.

These can be administered topically with an ointment or eye drop, orally, or even in some cases intravenously at the hospital. A pediatrician may recommend rinsing the eye with saline to clear out buildup in the eye. A doctor may recommend nasolacrimal duct probing. A doctor may be able to do this with a local anesthetic for your child, or it may require general anesthesia.

If the probing procedure does not help the blocked tear duct, your child may need another procedure. There are varying types of procedures. Many have low complication rates and do not require overnight hospitalization. See a pediatrician right away if your newborn develops watery eyes, as they may be a sign of a more serious condition, like pink eye. Newborn pink eye caused by a bacterial infection needs to be treated within 24 hours of symptoms.

Several conditions can cause watery eyes in infants and children. Some like blocked tear ducts or a viral infection may resolve on their own with time. She miscarried one of her children and kept its corpse in her room, where she built a little shrine where she placed flowers until it was discovered.

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