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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Fallen The inside story of the secret trial and convic In Stock. Outgrowing God A Beginner's Guide. Dominion Making of the Western Mind. The Goddess creates and destroys. GOT IT?

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There is no such division except in Christianity or similar slave philosophies. No matter what a person calls his personal practices, be it prayer or magick, its purpose is to gain Power to serve self- and SELF- defined ends. The planet is healed each time you do an intentional act.

Secrets of Western Tantra : Christopher S Hyatt :

Every intentional act creates a specific type of consciousness which "feeds" the Universe. When an intentional act is coupled with a great force such as sex, enormous amounts of Conscious energies are created and the Universe rejoices. Good and Evil are concepts which are created from the psycho-physical realities of pain and pleasure, power and powerlessness, and nothing more.

This is based on our bio-structure. Power is a neutral concept. What you use it for and how you interpret its use is up to you.


If you even begin to use the words of Black and White, Good and Evil, you have lowered yourself and have entered the realm of Thud where Squeaky Things will afflict you with fear and trembling. Good and Evil are self-serving concepts which are required when the ego is under tension or attack. The purpose of the rules below are to increase the probability that you will be successful at the work.

They contain no "moral" injunctions or sanctions. The purpose of these movements is to intensify bio-spiritual energies; learning how to tolerate great energy and then how to move that energy according to your desire. Once you have accomplished this you then can call upon this power at will and direct it to your highest ends. It is important to remember that during these practices you are stimulating various body organs and brain centers.

Tantra Ocidental - Meditação Dinâmica

You are, in fact, doing something real to yourself. This energy may be used for dream work, insights, healing or whatever you choose. This is left completely up to you. While practicing these methods do not moralize on your activities. Do not discuss your work with others as it will drain your energy and in the end simply confuse and inhibit the practice.

You may begin sexual work as soon as you have learned the first set of exercises described in Chapter Six. Genital intercourse is allowed once all of the preliminaries have been accomplished.

This will take several months. If the partner is a wife or husband, or steady partner be sure to separate the practice from your normal sexual activity by at least two days. Choose a partner who will not romanticize the Tantric work, as this will hinder the deeper archetypal Love that develops. Practice the Middle Pillar for 10 minutes with your partner. Hold hands or make sure that your bodies are touching. Meditate on the Anahata heart chakra for 10 minutes.

Do not control your thoughts or excitement. You may light incense, burn candles or use lights or soft music to enhance the mood. Prepare the room in which you are working with the symbols, colors, sounds, etc. The female lies on the bed in the breathing position described before. She begins to breath as described, gently tilting her pelvis forward on the inhalation, toward her head. With every exhalation be sure the "AH" sound is made and the pelvis is dropped. After ten minutes of intense breathing, she stops the pelvic tilt and, while continuing deep breathing, her partner begins to stimulate her genital area with his hands, a vibrator, or his mouth.

Timing and control are very important.

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The major part of the stimulation must occur with the exhalation. The rhythmic breathing must be kept up through the entire session. When the female is about to reach orgasm her task is to focus her attention on the Chakra being worked — in this example, Muladhara. When orgasm is reached her focus must be on the Chakra.

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