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Salted caramel. Now that you have identified your own personal Design Aesthetic… how about some great clothes to match? Check out this next section for our favorite fashions for Fall! Imagine walking down a New York subway to encounter walls tattooed with vibrant chalk drawings. With such an environment, it would be difficult not to absorb the inspiring art culture. Raised in Brooklyn, Alex Chimilio began his obsession with art. Such art included the popular chalk drawings displayed in New York city subways. The vivid colors and bold lines set Alex on course for his own artistic journey.

From that moment on, every surface became a canvas for him to practice on. He then used fashion as a springboard to photography, film, and design. Crew and Tommy Hilfiger only acted as the building blocks to his later achievements as the Senior Graphic designer for Nautica. Movies like The Devil Wears Prada and other fashion-based television shows like Jane by Design do not exist just to entertain.

Although a career in the fashion world may seem intense if one works hard, the result is excitingly like playing harder, say Chimilio. Alex still gains inspiration from Keith Haring in aspects other than his artistic style. Alex has rooted his life achievements in fashion and has usd it to branch out into the different modes of artwork. Morse code has become a design motif in his work, especially in his skateboard and long board designs.

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And like his artistic inspiration, he covers every imaginable surface with Morse code. Whether it is designing for fashion companies, or adding hidden messages into his artwork, Alex Chimilio showcases how learning and perseverance in the world of fashion and art leads to success. Keenan, owner of emerging brand Mukee. Using broken and unusable skate boards, Derek handcrafts anything from earrings to necklaces to belt buckles, and gives the world a complete new take on what it means to design a reclaimed accessory.

With Mukee on deck at Graffiti Beach and selling on Etsy at etsy. Derek Keenan gives new life to skate board decks and other reclaimed resources and turns them into unique, handcrafted pieces of jewelry that are so easy to love! He chose key designs to create, and began production. After teaming up with a friend, who set up a trunk show in a retail store, Derek was finally able to introduce Mukee to the retail world.

While much of the inspiration for Mukee lay in the use of reclaimed materials, Derek traces his initial inspiration to spending 27 months in. After making the initial few pieces for his girlfriend, Derek decided it was time to hone in on a potential business.


I was determined to make this work no matter what. His first turn was to sell on Etsy.

Αθλητισμος/ Δραστηριοτητες

He found himself jumping into his business full force. I felt that going into business for myself was a safer bet, and way more exciting. In the fashion of a dealer, he had a flashlight in tow and earrings to sell! He did whatever it took to get the Mukee name out on the streets, and his efforts were definitely rewarded. Mukee began to take off, and this was only the beginning. In order to move forward with his business, Derek took a huge step and invested in a laser. In addition to more intricate designs, he was also able to do precise cutting that would be difficult any other way.

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In combination with the laser, he also makes use of band saws and multiple sanders to get the polished look. With all this work in his rearview mirror, Derek was asked to reflect upon any favorite pieces. In every batch there are always a couple that really speak to me. I usually like a piece because of the colors or interesting compositions. The design that was on the skateboard has to do with the final outcome of each piece.

They are praised for their unique look. In addition to being distinct and different, they have once again called attention to the craft of small woodworking.

The ornate cuts and designs, especially seen on the belt buckles, have long been a customer favorite. Derek has given us an inventive and unique presentation of accessories. The use of broken skateboard decks opens pathways for all sorts of distinct designs and creativity. Keep an eye on Mukee as Derek continues to handcraft and create — his style always looking for that new edge. It all started as a way to impress a girlfriend.

Derek wanted to give a gift that was completely unique, a gift that she would remember. After trying out rings made from tree branches, to a handmade pair of shoes, he stumbled upon the idea of utilizing skateboards. He thought that the colorful layers of skateboards would be eyecatching, so he ventured into a local skate shop and asked if he could have some of their broken decks.

In the beginning many of the pieces he created were very labor intensive, especially with the sanding and sculpting that his pieces required. His hard efforts paid off when his girlfriend at the time would proudly wear the pieces he made. Soon her friends began to request pieces as well. Derek dialed in his designs and perfected them in a fashion that. As a Peace Corps volunteer, Derek was exposed to many methods of creativity. Necessity is always the mother of invention.

He often saw people making useful material that ranged from tools to sardine can toys. Their method of recycling and reuse inspired him to create from the resources that were readily available to him. That aspect, combined with his monetary limitations, due to his recent return from Africa, led him to the use of broken, free skateboards. The majority of these skateboards come from local skate shops.

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These shops now reserve broken skateboards for him, and he often receives calls for skateboard pick-ups as they collect. What seemed like just something to throw away becomes something to treasure. Some of the boards that Derek has been able to get his hands on have even featured graphics designed by famous skaters and artists. Artists are often portrayed as ultra-competitive, cut-throat divas who would stoop to any level to steal the spotlight.

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By bringing artists of all types together RAW strengthens the community, cultivates creativity and forces recognition for indie artists everywhere. There is power in numbers. She cherished the dream of being a fashion designer, but was experiencing the discouraging feeling of invisibility among the LA masses.

Instead, she dreamt of a way to rescue all other artists from the trap as well. Her dream was to create a community that would give artists confidence as well as inspire them, a community that exists for the purpose of relighting the fire for the struggling artist, and give them an audience. I root for the underdog, go against the grain, and really want to see everyone reach their highest potential in whatever makes them want to get up in the morning.

Thus began the RAW artists organization. Poring over the RAW website, watching the documentaries, reading the testimonials of countless artists and producers, it becomes obvious that Luerra is a genius with making connections. She is also anything but arrogant. Going five steps forward and three steps back. Keeping your word, being gracious and thinking positively.

The focus for everyone involved — producer, manager, artist, audience - is on the rare beauty of the art itself. Perhaps it is this very contradiction that creates the sense of community that RAW has provided for artists. Perhaps this angry competitiveness occurs when the focus is on monetary success, attention, or really anything but art.

Luerra emphatically agrees.

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It spreads like wildfire. Still… you might want to get in on this movement before the rest of the world catches on. In cities where RAW has set up shop, the organizers put on a monthly exhibition show - open to the public with a small entrance fee. In just 2 years, the number of places that host a monthly RAW show jumped from a few locations to over 50, a number that is climbing including internationally. At RAW exhibitions, artists are able to showcase their talents without being taken advantage of.

The simple plan works like a charm; RAW has already jumpstarted tons of artists into successful careers. The Los Angeles Editor of Refinery 29 was present, saw one of her dresses and immediately asked Mariel if she could wear it to the Golden Globes! She was photographed in it, which lead to other celebrity opportunities for weddings and such! Luerra finds it hard to keep track of all the success stories.

This trio of sisters from the San Fernando Valley sources influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to TLC and delivers a refreshingly stripped down, elementally percussive sound. Garage Punk Los Angeles This fusion of classic California surf rock and early 90s punk results in a caustic, reckless explosion from this LA foursome.

Blues Rock San Diego A one-man operation with a frenetic, stomping output that recalls the thunder and snarl of The Stooges. With emotive vocals, and a cast of instruments that swell and pulse in perfect, layered synchronicity, their music is destined for greatness.

Twin brother duo delivers a unique fusion of clean jazz lines, spacey Shoegaze, and high-octane surf rock. Guitar and drum work are top-notch and beg to be witnessed live.