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This is because growth plates , which are areas where bones grow that are near the ends of long bones, are weaker than their ligaments. Children are therefore more likely to fracture bones than injure soft tissue.

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The signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle in a child are similar to those of a broken bone. Caregivers should therefore take a child to the doctor following any serious bone or soft tissue injury. Any injury that stretches or traumatizes the ligaments can sprain the ankle. Some common causes include:. Treating a sprained ankle begins by keeping the ankle still to prevent future injuries.

Controlling swelling may help the pain.

The Truth Behind 'You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone'

Once the initial swelling subsides, gently exercising and stretching the ankle can help it heal while preventing muscle weakness. Mild sprains may not require medical treatment. A few simple home remedies can help ease the pain associated with these injuries:. If the sprain is severe or home remedies do not work, a doctor may recommend additional treatment, including:.

However, only a doctor can accurately diagnose a sprain. This is because sprain symptoms are very similar to those of other injuries and disorders, including bone fractures and arthritis.

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Sprains are common and usually fairly mild, though they can be painful. It is important to take this injury seriously and to rest the ankle to prevent further injury. A doctor can offer treatment guidelines and ensure that the injury is a sprain and not something more serious.

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Article last reviewed by Thu 30 May All references are available in the References tab. Ankles sprains: Overview. Canares, T.

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  • Haddad, S. Sprained ankle. Micheo, W.

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    Ankle and foot overuse disorders. Sprains and strains in children. Sprains, strains and other soft-tissue injuries.

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      If someone once made you happy, there is a great chance they still will. Sometimes it is too little too late and you must learn from your unfortunate decision. What screws a person up is trying to live up to image they create in their minds.

      Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

      There is no such thing as perfect, only perfect for you. What you have now was once everything you strove to attain. Just because something becomes repetitive does not mean it needs to be replaced. Think of how lucky you are to have someone you can be completely comfortable around, that is a true gift and one that should be cherished at all times. Appreciate all the things you have in life because you never know when that time will end. Clear the clutter inside your mind and realize what you have right now.

      The problem is that when they do realize it, they will come crawling back. Everyone falls into the trap that the grass is always greener on the other side. But you should call your doctor or a mental health professional today. How you're feeling now isn't how you'll always feel. You have very significant symptoms of depression.

      Right now, the symptoms may be causing you big problems in your daily life.

      Even if you don't feel weighed down by your symptoms, it is important to do something about them right now. This quiz is not meant to tell you if you have major depression. This information does not take the place of seeing a mental health professional for a diagnosis. Toggle navigation. Take the Quiz Do you think you might be depressed? Check one answer for each question that best describes you for the past 7 days. I take at least 30 minutes to fall asleep, less than half the time. I take at least 30 minutes to fall asleep, more than half the time. I take more than 60 minutes to fall asleep, more than half the time.

      I have a restless, light sleep with a few brief awakenings each night. I wake up at least once a night, but I go back to sleep easily.

      I awaken more than once a night and stay awake for 20 minutes or more, more than half the time. More than half the time, I awaken more than 30 minutes before I need to get up. I almost always awaken at least 1 hour or so before I need to, but I go back to sleep eventually. I sleep no longer than 10 hours in a hour period including naps. I sleep no longer than 12 hours in a hour period including naps. I sleep longer than 12 hours in a hour period including naps. I feel sad less than half the time. I feel sad more than half the time. I feel sad nearly all the time.

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      I've lost my appetite. I'm eating too much. I eat much less than usual and only with a personal effort. I rarely eat within a hour period, and only with extreme personal effort or when others persuade me to eat. I feel driven to overeat at mealtime and between meals. I've lost weight. I've gained weight.